About us:

Goftoman Pouyan Talk Culture-Art Institute

Having enough information about the characteristics of an organization can help people to choose the right path for progressing. Goftoman Pouyan Talk Culture-Art Institute is one of the specialized centers for organizing conferences and also participating in the implementation of conferences in various fields such as cultural, social, language fields, and more. This institute was established by “Mahboobeh Joze Tajareh” in December 2018. She is graduated in English language and is a top conference interpreter,  the  effect  of  her articles in  the  field  of  translation  was  nominated. Her  activities  in  holding  seminars  and  conferences  on  cultural  field  are  also commendable.

 In  the  following;  we  will  introduce  the  features  of  our  organization  which distinguishes it from its competitors. We provide our clients with different services such as holding and participating in specialized seminars and conferences to promote culture-art activities and research, participating in holding their events by conference interpretation activities and providing conference plans.  We can also link clients to an online platform that will allow them to take part in their seminars and conferences with confidence in an online environment.

This  institute  is  ready  for  signing  contracts  with  governmental  and  private companies  and  individuals to set up or corporate in their seminars with providing top conference interpreters.  We pay attention to details and execute your concepts flawlessly while maintaining a pleasant, calm and helpful demeanor.