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How do conference interpreting services work?

Interpreting of any kind can be a challenging profession; even for professionals with years of experience.

Due to their nature, simultaneous interpreting situations like conferences and lectures call for highly skilled and knowledgeable interpreters. The interpreter must be able to understand the material with a delay as short as a few seconds. Then, they have to convey the meaning to the audience, sometimes using complex terminology and jargon.

Conference interpreting services rely on the use of technology. Interpreters use soundproof booths with microphones and earpieces to deliver the language needed for the listeners. In the case of particularly long conferences, interpreters take turns and switch off to prevent exhaustion.

The pandemic has taught us new ways of conducting conferences using remote conferencing tools for conducting online interpretation. Multilingual challenges still exist and they need to be addressed, even when remotely. This is why online simultaneous interpretation is starting to be used widely.

While global bodies like the United Nations might use this kind of setup; it is valuable in other contexts, too. Organizations benefit from interpreters who understand the specific interpretation needs of a conference or large event. Whenever someone is delivering a complex speech to speakers of multiple languages; these interpreters ensure it proceeds efficiently and smoothly. Luckily, Global Arena is able to provide these interpreting services for companies in need.

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